4 New Year’s Resolutions you’ll want to make… and stick too!

It’s not even a week into the New Year yet, but how many of your New Year’s resolutions have you already broken?

Most resolutions involve improving health and happiness, and we couldn’t agree more that you should aim to be a happier, healthier you in 2018! However, most of us fail because we set our goals too high.

If you’re still looking for inspiration for a new approach to the year, here are the resolutions we’ll be following in 2018 and we hope we can help you follow them too!

Live (and laugh) life to the fullest

Stress incontinence doesn’t mean your life is over. Dancing, running or even laughing shouldn’t be something you have to avoid. Our product provides you with a normal looking pair of knickers coming in sizes to fit all body shapes, so you can live your life to the full! We won’t be letting little leaks dampen your day!

Improve your fitness

For many this may mean a brand-new health kick or a shiny new gym membership, however this doesn’t have to be the case. It doesn’t need to be fancy, long or boring. Ten-minute blocks of playing with your kids, going out dancing with friends or even taking the stairs will make a difference. And there’s no reason to hold back on any of the above if you’re equipped with your Giggle Knickers.

Wear whatever you want

Every woman deserves to feel comfortable and confident in what they wear, and we don’t want the fear of little leaks to hold you back! That’s why we created a discreet pair of washable knickers for women with sensitive bladders. Made for comfort with high quality cotton they promise to keep you and your clothes dry and odour free all day!
So, try on that dress or buy those skinny jeans – because you can and will look fantastic!

Take a more active approach to your health

With such a high number of women living with life’s little leaks, it’s more than likely that you will know a woman who is living with bladder sensitivity. We recommend seeing your GP if you have any type of urinary incontinence, but it’s a common problem and you shouldn’t feel embarrassed talking to them about your symptoms.
Try setting yourself goals to drink plenty of water in small doses. This can help improve bladder control and reduce the odour of any accidental leaks.

Put simply Giggle Knickers are the ideal solution for 21st century women living with stress incontinence. You may not need them, but we bet you know someone who does. Shop yours today!


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