4 Things... only women with little leaks will understand

With such a high number of women living with life’s little leaks, it’s more than likely that you will know a woman who is living with bladder sensitivity.

That’s why we have developed Giggle Knickers, a normal looking pair of washable knickers for the thousands of women out there with a sensitive bladder. Put simply Giggle Knickers are the ideal solution for 21st century women living with stress incontinence. You may not need them, but we bet you know someone who does!

Check out these lady’s whoops moments!


“Since I have had my daughter there has been many times that I have had little leaks.
Trampolining is like opening and closing the flood gates and with each bounce you pee a little, even if you didn’t feel like you needed a wee.
And whatever you do, if you feel like you need a wee… DO NOT SNEEZE!”

Cassie  – Lilys Little Learners


“It happened to me recently when I was laughing too much at a meme (my brother calls them mee-mees) so the running joke is that “mee-mees are only funny until someone wee-wees”

Leigh-Ann – Fairleigh


“Exercising has become a bit of a minefield since having my three children. It makes me laugh when the male instructor on my fitness DVD says, “You have no excuses” when doing star jumps and squats, if only he understood my fears!’

Emma-Louise – evan angels fall


“You have to have a really strong bladder to withstand a round of sneezing. I have a little saying, ‘Sneeze three times in a row and it’s really time to ‘go’.”

Anne – Raisie Bay

Don’t dampen your day when little leaks happen… Giggle Knickers  hi-tech protective panel gives you total security without the bulk or bother of disposable pads.



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