5 Famous faces who live with life’s little leaks

With nearly half of the female population due to experience some form of incontinence it’s no surprise that amongst these women are some well-known famous faces.

Kate Winslet
Earlier in the year actress Kate Winslet revealed on The Graham Norton Show that she can’t jump on

trampolines anymore because she suffers from stress incontinence. The actress openly talked about the situation putting it down to her body changing after having three children saying, “When you’ve had a few children, you know, it’s just what happens.”

She said it wasn’t just trampolining either adding, “It’s amazing, two sneezes I’m fine, three… it’s game over. It’s bloody awful, especially if you’re wearing a skirt!”

Kris Jenner
She’s not one to shy away from the reality of things, so it comes as no surprise that she’s vocal about her bladder condition. In fact, she’s aired on more than one occasion on her hit TV show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, how she’s worn incontinence products to multiple Hollywood events.


Whoopi Goldberg
Back in 2010, Whoopi became the face of a campaign called 1in3likeme.com, as she wanted to highlight how common the problem is, even among young women. Talking of her own personal experience with urinary incontinence she wanted to educate women that it happens to women of all ages and that there are ways to still live life normally with the problem.

Helena Bonham Carter
You may know her better as Bellatrix Lestrange from the Harry Potter movies, but actress Helena Bonham Carter revealed she experienced light adult incontinence after having four children. She admitted to struggling during filming, especially when she was needed to scream in every scene. “You have pelvic floor problems after having a baby and bladder control is minimal. Every time I was needed to scream I wore nappies.”


Nadia Sawalha
Loose Women presenter Nadia opened up in 2016 about how she had suffered from incontinence for a number of years and had accidentally had an accident during the show. She recalled another unfortunate mishap, explaining: “I remember once tripping over in a shopping centre. Tripping, and having a wee accident.” She also talked about how it affected her exercise routine, “It’s that funny point in your life
where you can only wear black to exercise classes.
No more pale grey sweatpants. Or patterned [clothes]
are good, because you know you’re going to go on the star jump.”

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