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    With schools closed in the Western Province of Sri Lanka, the main purpose of our Home Schooling initiative was to continue to provide the children enrolled at The HelpKids Centre Pre School with early learning education in a home environment.

    We set out a program to bring a parent/caregiver in once a week to go through the education pack work and activities with them so that they could then teach their child at home.

    Once we started, we found that this initiative was more than just a way of continuing to provide education for our pre schoolers. Parents/Carers were both surprised and engrossed in the way the program was presented. Each week they would draw, sing, play and do the other activities that their children would be doing at home with them. Even though it was awkward at first, they began to enjoy the time at the Helpkids Centre. For many it was an hour of time for themselves in a time of fear, uncertainty and much hardship.

    One father hadn’t drawn a picture for over 22 years! One of our mother’s who had never been to preschool when she was younger was excited each week to see what new activates were set up for her to do. She said she couldn’t believe that children did all this at preschool.

    When a family comes together to help each other, then a family is strengthened.

    Thankyou for partnering with us!

    Narel & Alison Atkinson
    Ozaid Sri Lanka
    HelpKids Project

    We donate 20p from every pair of Giggle Knickers we sell to OZaid in Sri Lanka if you would like to find out more about the work they do you can visit their website at https://www.helpkids.lk/

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