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    The spring equinox heralds the start of summer, longer days, BBQs, weddings and holidays. Which means we’re all suddenly in a panic to get our bodies lean and toned in the pursuit of the illusive ‘beach body’.

    Or maybe not! It’s not for everyone, but we should still be trying to maintain and hopefully improve our fitness because staying active helps ward off all sorts of problems in the future and will help us stay and feel younger for longer. Pick something you love doing and that will make it easier, there’s no point joining a dance class if you hate dancing!

    Staying active is one of the key components to a longer and happier life because not only do our bodies get stronger and more flexible but so do our brains. We also release endorphins which are the chemicals that make us feel happy, so what are you waiting for?

    If only it were that simple, let’s be honest most of us can find any excuse to miss the gym or stay at the back of the class where we think we can get away with taking some extra rests. Exercising isn’t easy, it’s hard  enough even if you’re motivated and fully healthy, but add in little leaks and it get’s a whole lot harder. Giggle Knickers® may just be the most important piece of gym wear you ever buy because, you’ll be able to exercise without worrying about any damp patches and if you get changed at the gym they  look like normal knickers so no one will know.  Now you can hit  the treadmill, defeat  the stair master or practice your downward dog and warrior pose because when a little leak happens you won’t have to stop, you can maintain your fitness regime because with Giggle Knickers® there’s no bulk, no bother, no more excuses.

    We’ve mentioned these before and here they are again – simple steps to help minimize leaks –

    • It may seem obvious but empty your bladder just before you start exercising.
    • If you’re out for a run and you’re planning long distance, factor in a toilet stop.
    • Keep hydrated. It’s a common misconception that drinking less will help prevent leaks. It is important to stay hydrated during exercise so drinking plenty of water in small doses is key. It can not only help improve bladder control but will reduce the odour of any accidental leaks.
    • Stick with dark coloured active wear. If you’re worried about leaks being visible, dark coloured absorbent materials will help to hide any that may occur.
    • Add Giggle Knickers to your gym kit! Giggle Knickers® are a new super-soft, light weight, washable cotton knicker with a hi-tech protective panel that gives you total security without the bulk or bother of disposable pads. Our patent pending core can easily hold 30ml of liquid, that’s roughly 6 teaspoons and our knickers will help keep you and your clothes dry and odour free.
    • Good luck, achieve your goals and don’t give up, your body will repay your hard work and you may even enjoy it. Here’s hoping for an amazing summer, let’s face it after the winter we’ve had we all deserve a bit of warmth and sunshine.

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