Coping with incontinence at work Work can be stressful enough so follow these tips to help take the stress out of stress incontinence

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Work can be stressful enough without having to worry about getting to the loo in time to avoid a little accident so we have put together some simple tips to help you through the day. Some are obvious some might be less so….


First of all the obvious item of clothing you need is a pair of Giggle Knickers! If you do have a little accident no one will know, there’ll be no embarrassing damp patch and no odour thus giving you piece of mind during the day.

When it comes to actual clothing then darker and heavier fabrics tend to hide little leaks better than lighter ones. That doesn’t have to mean boring dark suits it just means maybe cream linen isn’t the best option for you.

We’d also recommend that you avoid complicated and multiple fastenings on clothing that might take too long to undo especially if you’re in a panic!


Do not cut down on water, you need to drink during the day and you need to stay hydrated. If you add lemons or cucumbers you are also giving yourself an extra little health boost. Rather than drinking it all in one go we would recommend you to drink it in small doses during the day. This can help improve bladder control and because you are hydrated it will reduce the odour of any accidental leaks.

Caffeine and carbonated drinks, however should be avoided. That doesn’t mean you can’t drink them it just means you should reduce the amount of times you drink them. They actually work as a diuretic which means  you actually need the loo more.

Always try to reach for the water first!

Know your office and your schedule

Know where the toilets are and how to get there quickly, especially if you’re in a new office the last thing you want is find there two flights of stairs away.

Next is to set times to take a toilet break, look at your diary to work out when you can fit in trips to the toilet during the day.  Don’t leave it to chance.

We would always advice you to see your doctor they can rule out any underlying condition that could be causing the problem and may have some helpful tips and advice of their own.

Finally the last bit of advice is that you should remember you are not alone, this affects about a third of women, at any age and for numerous reasons. You don’t have to put up with it, you can do something about it and you shouldn’t let it stop you from achieving your goals and living your life to the full.



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